D R Parker is not satisfied with painting just pretty pictures. He needs to paint pictures with "grit".

"I have no problem with inspiration, themes, subjects, etc. Sometimes just sitting and counting the clouds as they fly by is inspiration enough. I have always been fascinated with the sky, cloud formations, color...and sometimes the anxiety and tragedy that accompany a storm.

"I sometimes paint in a dim light and often even in the shadows in order to capture the final "crisp" highlights."

"I paint because a gift was given to me. I feel very fortunate of that; and if I can come close to what is really out there... then I am secure in my works..."

D R Parker is a self taught artist who grew up in the remoter areas of Texas. His early works, produced in those formative years, were gobbled up in their entirety by wealthy Texas collectors, oil tycoons and visionaries of his potential brilliance.

In 1992, D R Parker exploded on the international scene and is now collected by such personalities as the president of MTV in London, prominent physicians across the United States, top movie and record producers and celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Western Town
18" x 24", oil

Prairie Lodges
20" x 30", oil

Durango to Silverton
8" x 10", oil

20" x 30", oil

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